Goals & Measures: Roadmap to Empower University of Alaska

Empower University of Alaska

The Board of Regents’ Roadmap to Empower University of Alaska revises and augments the Goals and Measures to establish a robust plan for the to advance ’s economy through education, workforce development, research, and strong partnerships across this great state.

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“The Roadmap to Empower University of Alaska and its pillars of financial responsibility and future focus, state and Arctic leadership, and quality education and reputation reflect the Board’s vision for the future of the system." BOR Chair Ralph Seekins
“We’ll continue to refine our updates to the Board as we keep moving forward on these goals to Empower University of Alaska.”UA President Pat Pitney
“The hard work of our faculty and staff is continuing to pay positive dividends for our students and businesses across .”UA President Pat Pitney

Goals and Measures

During its February 2023 meeting, the Board of Regents discussed updated goals and measures for the system:

  • To promote shared mission, values, and key priority areas;
  • To approve metrics, measurements, targets and priority focus areas to gain focus through 2027;
  • To create a process which encourages and empowers faculty and staff to contribute discrete initiatives to support UA Goals, and support systemwide dialogue that will foster and build positive relationships.

Goals and Measures Presentation to the Board February 2023

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Our universities and community campuses are efficient and responsive with diversified funding focused on growing enrollment and research to meet ’s workforce and economic needs.

Working together within the our universities and community campuses are innovative and essential to education, research, workforce, and economic development for local communities and the State of and lead the nation in advancing the US role in the changing Arctic.

Our universities and community campuses each carry a high-value and high-quality reputation and are respected as innovative and responsive ‘jewels’ in the state and their region and communities.


System Goals

Deliver academic excellence & success at all levels.

Modernize the student experience.

Contribute to ’s skilled workforce and engaged citizenship.

Operate efficiently, effectively, and responsibly.

Grow our world-class research.

Provide a welcoming, diverse, equitable, and inclusive university for all.

Guiding Principles

  • Student- centric
  • Consistent with and/or employs national best practices.
  • Innovative and transformative.
  • Leverages current assets and resources
  • Rewards collaboration across universities
  •  Data- informed and data-driven


Roles of the Universities and System Office

As a University System, UA is made up of a System Office and three separately accredited Universities. Each major unit has a role to play in achieving the overall system goals, and the roles give more clarity to how each unit fits into the bigger picture.  While not exhaustive, these summarize what each unit needs to achieve in order for the entire system to meet the goals.

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Advancing Post-secondary Education by Driving Value to the Universities.

3 Goals

* Effectively and efficiently manage corporate responsibilities

* Strategically steward shared resources

* Collective UA System Leadership and Representation

UAA Student

’s Comprehensive, Workforce - Emphasis, Health University: A University of Distinction, Transforming Lives and Communities.

3 Goals

* ’s Health University: Expanding Health Workforce Training

* Empowering Students and Student Success

* UAA is ’s largest workforce education provider: Meeting state needs

students 3-d printing

’s Research and Arctic University: Creating Excellence Through Transformative Experiences.

3 Goals

* Provide the modern residential student experience

* Achieve R1 (Tier 1) research status – top 4% of US universities

* Be global leaders in Native and Indigenous studies

UAD Juneau Campus

's Experiential Learning University: Impacting the World by Offering an Unparalleled Education Rooted in the Natural and Cultural Richness of Southeast

3 Goals

* Improve Student Success and Enrollment

* Lead in Maritime, Mariculture, and Marine Biology Training

* Grow Native Languages, Art, Culture and Leadership