October 31, 2023

October 31, 2023 

Scholars Program recognizes its 25th class identifying 923 for the $12,000 scholarship

(Anchorage, AK) - Top-ranking high school seniors from nearly 225 high schools across have been invited to join the ’s 25th class of UA Scholars, qualifying each of them for a $12,000 scholarship. In order to be eligible for this prestigious award, students must be ranked within the top ten percent of their class. As of October 23, 923 students have been identified for the honor.

Recognition events will be hosted in Fairbanks, Anchorage, Mat-Su, Soldotna, Juneau, and virtually to honor UA Scholars throughout the state. Celebrating the class of 2024 and the Program’s 25th year is an important milestone, making this year’s recognition events ones to remember. University leadership, faculty, staff, alumni and current UA Scholars will be present to acknowledge the accomplishments of the recipients and their families.

“We are excited to celebrate the 25th class of UA Scholars,” said Katherine Pascua, UA Scholars Program Manager. “Their academic performance distinguishes them as some of the top students in . Our universities and campuses across the University of system also look forward to honoring these outstanding scholars as they embark on their next chapter.”

The events will highlight the diverse and extensive opportunities for UA Scholars within the UA system including high-quality academic programs, study abroad and exchange programs, honors programs, undergraduate research, internships, and additional scholarship opportunities.

Since its inception, the scholarship program has awarded more than $76 million in academic support resulting in more than 7,600 degrees and certificates for students from nearly every community in .

UA Scholars are designated as eligible for the scholarship based on their class rank at the end of their junior year. Awardees receive the $12,000 scholarship in $1,500 payments over eight semesters for use at the Anchorage, University of Fairbanks, Southeast or any of their community campuses. In addition, UA Scholars are offered free applications for admission. 

UA Scholars can use their award to engage in a wide range of educational experiences. Whether students prefer traditional classroom learning or online education, they can choose from the hundreds of degree or certificate programs offered throughout the system. While the award is specifically for use within UA, students can use the funds for study abroad (internationally), or participate in the National Student Exchange program within the United States through the universities.

“It gives students the ability to travel, partake in service trips, manage a lighter academic load, tend to family commitments, or explore other life adventures while remaining connected to the opportunities has to offer,” Pascua said. 

The awards are funded by the Land Grant Trust Fund. The endowment receives revenue from property sales and resource development conducted on university lands. Many UA Scholars also qualify for the Performance Scholarship as well as other scholarships available through their campus. 

The established the UA Scholars Program in 1999 to encourage students to attend and graduate from college in their home state. The class of 2024 marks the 25th class of UA Scholars and an important milestone to celebrate. The Program is designed to provide an incentive for secondary school students to achieve academic excellence, to enrich secondary school efforts to provide high-quality education, and to encourage high school graduates from every community to seriously consider the educational pathways that the has to offer. To learn more, visit .

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For more information, please contact Katherine Pascua, UA Scholars Program Manager, at (907) 474-5105 or via email at kfpascua@alaska.edu.