August 26, 2020

Aug. 26, 2020

Change in the phone number for Board of Regents audio public testimony

WHAT: There is a change in the call-in number for University of Alaskans who want to participate in the Board of Regents public testimony on Aug. 31. ns are encouraged to provide feedback to the board on topics of concern or to provide input on any issue facing the . 

Public testimony is held in advance of the board's committee meetings, which will be held on September 3-4 and the full board meeting on September 10-11. These meetings can be streamed at 

ns also can provide written testimony anytime by emailing Written testimony is shared with the Board of Regents and Interim President Pat Pitney. 

WHEN: Public Testimony, August 31, 2020, from 4-6 p.m.

WHERE: Call (new number) 1-866-831-8713 to join the queue for testimony. Public testimony session will be live streamed at: 

Agendas will be posted at . More information and a schedule of upcoming meetings also is available on the Board of Regents website.

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For more information, contact Roberta Graham, associate vice president of public affairs at 907-360-2416 (cell).