April 4, 2019

April 4, 2019

New gateway offers prospective students clear path to UA  

Prospective students can search programs, degrees, transfer agreements between colleges, estimate their costs and more easily find the campus that best suits their needs through a new student gateway called My Future .

Students can find the gateway at . There, they’ll find tools to search for programs, courses, check out transfer agreements between UA and other schools, play with a cost calculator, search for transfer course equivalencies between UA and other institutions, as well as explore job options depending on the degree earned. The new tools vastly improve the information and resources available to students.

“One goal of the My Future gateway is to assist the many ns with some college and no degree, transfer students, adult learners, and active-duty military to enroll in courses from any UA campus and to finish a certificate or degree program by offering personalized support and flexible schedules that fit their lifestyles,” said Associate Vice President of Student and Enrollment Services Saichi Oba. 

In the face of a rapidly changing economic and workforce landscape, the UA System is committed to helping the state realize its goal of 65 percent of working-age ns having a postsecondary credential by the year 2025. The last time this information was measured, it was 37 percent, indicating that ’s economy is changing and the demand for advanced skilled labor is increasing. also leads the nation in the number of adults who have some college and no degree. This tool will help connect those learners with a wide variety of exciting, relevant and cost-effective programs that lead to career growth and expanded job opportunities.

Returning adults, veterans and active duty military will make use of the gateway’s intuitive workflow and interactive applications including prospective degree audits, transfer checks and profiles for each UA campus. Transfer students will benefit by learning how previously earned credits will apply to programs of study and credentials. All students, new or returning, can create personalized accounts within the gateway and request information from UA campuses.

The university partnered with AcademyOne, a Pennsylvania-based software company, to develop My Future per UA’s unique specifications.

“AcademyOne worked with student enrollment specialists across the UA System to build a robust tool for exploring all that the has to offer, and providing, for the first time, a service geared directly toward the needs of our non-traditional adult and transfer students,” said Oba. “It took hundreds of hours of work by university staff and great leadership by AcademyOne to bring this tool online for the people of .”

AcademyOne is a software development and consulting company committed to making today's higher education technology solutions smarter. A recognized industry thought leader, they are dedicated to delivering products that simplify processes, build strong relationships through teamwork and better engage 21st century learners.

The , established in 1917, has three separately accredited universities in Fairbanks, Anchorage and Juneau as well as 13 community campuses and extended learning centers across the state. All three universities deliver career and technical education and extensive e-Learning instruction anywhere students are located. UA’s in-state tuition program generously extends to descendants, active duty military, dependent children of alumni, participants in the UA College Savings Plan and more, making UA an affordable option for exceptional quality. 


For more information: Saichi Oba, Associate Vice President of Student and Enrollment Services, , 907-450-8140; Michael McIntyre, President and CEO, AcademyOne, 484 318-7100 ext. 302