November 1, 2019

November 1, 2019

Accrediting Agency Responds to University Board of Regents, President, Chancellors  

In a letter dated Nov. 1, the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU), told leaders that they are on the right path toward clarifying leadership roles and responsibilities and creating opportunities for increased participation in university decision making.

“It is clear that the Board of Regents, system office, and institutions are moving forward collectively to clarify the roles and responsibilities throughout the system,” NWCCU President Sonny Ramaswamy wrote. “You are also creating opportunities for inclusive dialogue regarding the future structure of the as you develop a path forward to solve the funding and enrollment challenges that threaten the state’s institutions of higher learning.”

The letter was sent to Board of Regents Chair John Davies, UA President Jim Johnsen, and Chancellors Cathy Sandeen, Rick Caulfield and Dan White.

“It’s good to know we are headed in the right direction,” said Board Chair John Davies. “We appreciate the commission’s prompt response and look forward to our Board of Regents meeting next week and the work ahead with our chancellors and governance leaders.”

In September, the accrediting agency to the board, the president and chancellors and asked that the university broaden its engagement on issues related to academic program decisions and leadership roles and responsibilities.


For more information, contact Roberta Graham, associate vice president of public affairs at 907-360-2416 (cell).