June 15, 2015

UA President Gamble announces three candidates for interim chancellor position at UAF - welcomes feedback

President Gamble has announced that there are three candidates currently
being considered for the position of interim chancellor at the University
of Fairbanks. "This top leadership position in the UA system will
require the incumbent to carry UAF and its campuses through a very
challenging, possibly historic, year," wrote Gamble in a message to UAF
governance groups.

Fulfilling a previous agreement, Gamble intends to ensure that UAF faculty,
staff and other UAF stakeholders have an opportunity to provide feedback on
the candidates. Following this process the president will make his
decision. The goal is to have an interim chancellor selected prior to
Chancellor Rogers' departure at the end of August. The interim will be in
place for an estimated period of 10-12 months starting September 1, 2015.

The candidates are:

Robert McCoy  - UAF Director of Geophysical Institute
Mike Sfraga  - UAF Vice Chancellor for University & Student Advancement
Mike Powers  - UA Board of Regents

Please mail your comments by July 15 to UA President Patrick Gamble at P.O.
Box 755000, Fairbanks, AK 99775-5000 or e-mail to ua.president@alaska.edu.


For more information: Kate Wattum, Asst. Director SW Office of Public
wk 450-8104 cell 699-3262