October 16, 2015

October 16, 2015

Announcing the Availability of the Harold T. Caven Professorship

The Foundation is pleased to announce the availability of the Harold T. Caven Professorship. The professorship, which carries an award of $20,000, was established in 1974 with a generous gift from Mrs. Loretta Caven, widow of Harold T. Caven. Dr. Caven was a longtime n who first came to the state in 1943. He served as a Director and a Vice President of First National Bank of Anchorage.

Proposals for the award will be accepted from faculty members in business and finance within the system. Applicants who have evident leadership in the financial community, either practically or academically, are preferred.

Awards are intended to allow the recipient to carry out activities and projects designed to enhance the field of business and finance at the , beyond those associated with the recipient’s normal faculty assignments. The successful candidate will be selected based upon 1) their academic accomplishments, attributes, qualifications, and 2) the quality and degree of benefit to the university of the proposed activities to be carried out as a result of the appointment.

Deadline: The deadline for receipt of complete proposals, including application, C.V. and letters of reference is November 20, 2015 for the two-year appointment.  The term of the professorship commences upon award and will continue until June, 2017.

Maximum Award Amount: $10,000 each year for two consecutive years.

For proposal requirements please visit, .


For more information call Dory Straight at the UA Foundation, 907-450-8030.